The Basingstoke & Reading Circuit Plan

Due to the current ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all of our churches are closed and no services are possible.

Please see the new Worship & Prayer menu item for details of alternative forms of worship / services available during this difficult time for all churches. 

Note: Please contact the Circuit Administrators (Lee & Marion) for details of where some services are taking place using Zoom and how to contact the online event organisor.  Zoom meeting details cannot be published here due to security considerations.

The circuit plan shows the details of all planned services and preachers at each of the churches for the period shown by the dates in the column headings.

Note: the plan is provided in Acrobat document format.    

See our Churches page for information on any of the individual Circuit Churches shown on the plan.

Basingstoke & Reading Circuit Plan - July 2021

Basingstoke & Reading Circuit Plan - June 2021

Circuit Plan Changes

Any changes to current or future Circuit Plan appointments will be shown below:

There are no planned services within our churches at this time due to Covd-19 restrictions.  Services are available online - see the Worship & Prayer menu option for further information.