For Preachers at Oakridge

Church details

Location: Vivian Road, Basingstoke

Postcode: RG21 5QB

OS Map co-ordinates: SU 642 534

Oakridge Map

Parking: Parking is available in front of the church.

Contacts: Joan Coomber

Morning Worship (11.00am)

Type of Service Family worship
Number in congregation 15 -  20
Congregation profile Mostly older people, but with several parents and young children
Children's Address Yes
Children If present, remain at a seperate table in the church (this can sometimes be noisy).
Offering Taken to suit preacher
Congregational Prayer book No



Song books

Singing the Faith

CCL? CCL no. 47756
Service books Methodist Worship Book Communion Service Booklet
Audio-Visual system There is a screen and projector, but the preacher must provide and operate their own laptop to make use of this.
Sound system Radio mic for preacher and various fixed mics
Bible version  New International Version
Worship leaders available? Yes see Circuit People for contacts
Readers available? Yes, please request.
People willing to lead prayer? Yes, please request
Accompaniment Organ (normally used) and keyboard


General Information

Seating Moveable chairs
Services conducted from Pulpit
Toilets Yes
Pre-service contact Contact from steward
Refreshments After morning service



Faith & Worship Resources

See the following Faith & Worship Resources web page on the Methodist Church site which has information and resources for Preachers, including Service Report Forms for Preachers on Note or Trial.


CCLI Song Search

Please see the CCLI Song Search web page to confirm if hymns or songs are covered by a CCLI licence.