Outreach Projects

The Church is actively involved in Outreach projects both abroad and here in Basingstoke.

The Samuel Fund

Kempshott_Samuel_picIn the last year or so, the church has become involved in supporting certain prisoners and their families in Zambia and also a school in Kitwe in the north of the country that deals with orphaned children who are excluded by the state educational system. Our money helps to provide the children all that is needed to run a school - accommodation, food, teachers, and equipment. They are in desperate need and the help we can give is crucial to their education.




Camrose Centre

Kempshott_Camrose_picMembers of the Church are also involved in helping and supporting vulnerable and homeless people in Basingstoke. This includes the Camrose Centre, which is a Day Centre for the homeless and vulnerable in Basingstoke and May Place, a Direct Access Hostel for the homeless  These provide both short term help in the form of food and washing facilities, a bed at night, and longer term advice to help people back into society and belief in their own self worth.





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